Samstag, 15. November 2008


Hi Everybody !

I just finished my latest piece of work: An elven circlet for a friend of mine.
Hope he's as happy as i am with it =).

Dienstag, 16. September 2008

Gnarled Walking stick

This time I needed a nice looking staff for an elderly looking character. So off to the woods and some minutes later a nice rod was found. I peeled off the bark with a knife and had a cool stick on the game.

Von RPGs

And since the character will be played again I decided to enhance the look of the staff. After peeling it fully I heated the wood with a torch burning only the topmost wood. This gave ma a nice dark look, a transparent paint came along with a brass protector for the bottom end.

And voila thats it, not realy hard to do but very fancy looking.

Brassbox for my Tarot Cards

Hi Everybody !

This time i made a box for the Labyrinth Tarot deck of Lois Ryo. The cards are just so well drawn that i thought i need some more neet than the small cardboard box in which they come.
It's made of Brass beechwood and leather.

So here you go =)

Sonntag, 31. August 2008

Cobra Brooch

Hi Everybody !

This time I made a Brooch with 2 Cobra snake heads for a friend of mine as a birthday present.
It turned out pretty well, perhaps I'll try a horse version in the future too ... well see ;)

Samstag, 30. August 2008


Hi Everybody !

Long time no see. Last weekend me and my girlfriend took a vacation at spa, 3 days of doing nothing but relaxing. Anyway after those 3 days I realy was eager to craft again and after 2 days working through I'm as tensed up as before my holiday but at least with a new pair of armguards.

The Scales are made of stainless stell and where all heat treated to achieve that nice orange to blue gradient.

Here you can see the gradient has been applied to all the small pieces at the top part too.

And finally this is the look when beeing worn ^^.

First thing in a long time that I'm really proud of again.

So long

Sonntag, 4. Mai 2008

Belt pouch

Our groups Gnome has got a lot of tools already, but what he really needs is a homeworkers belt pouch to store all the nails and screws to construct his weird machines ^^. The onlyproblem with leather pouches is that small items tend to fall out, so I tried one with a solid wooden side and it worked. Even after heavy shaking no nail fell out.


Since a working colleague of mine wanted to play an archer, I realized that we only got one quiver but 3 archers in our group. So I looked up some quivers in the web and found some realy beautiful works at Having seen thus pretty things I made one of my own and I'm also quiet pleased.

The Chest

After searching for 2 hours in the hardware store to gather all the parts for the chest, I payed surprisingly much for this thing... 65 Euros after thinking about it i guess i could have bought 3 of them with an online order. But at least I made it ^^. You can also see on eof the many shields i did in last few days for our larp group.

Montag, 28. April 2008

Toooools !

Some weeks ago a friend of mine gave me some old tools he did no longer need. I derusted them sharpened some and made a leather bag so it can be carried around. I really was looking for such an oppertunity since old looking tools are hard to come around.

Studden Bracers

Working with leather and brass I made studdened Bracers. A bit quick and dirty work but in the end it looks somehow acceptable ...

Montag, 7. April 2008

Nasal for the Helmet

This is a helmet the young brother of my girlfriend made, I helped him finishing it with straps and made the nasal part in the front.


It's been a busy weekend and it was 23 o'clock when I finished these Tassets made of hardened leather. Hopefully they'll also protect me in the next fight ... we'll see ^^.

6 Inch Nails

Last week I was at friends smithworkshop and made my first metal crafts, nails ^^. It's a start ...


Hi everone, I haven't uploaded anything for quiet a while but here's something new:
The 14 year old brother of my girlfriend made a belt on a workshop and he still needed a buckle fot it so we decided to make it from scratch. One of my first metal crafts, not perfect but handmade ^^.

Sonntag, 2. März 2008


Hi Everybody !

I finally managed to make my first parts of armor containing metal. Some heavy leather armgruards with overlapping metal parts. I hope they don't rust too fast ^^.

Montag, 11. Februar 2008

Wands !

As my girlfriend and I will play figures in a Harry Potter like setting soon, we needed some wands ! 5 hours later, with the help of her father on the turning lathe we got these fine wands which hopefully will become an handy against Lord Voldemort and his minions ;)

The red one is made of pearwood (handle) and plumwood (on the tip) whilst white one is made of white maple.

Dienstag, 5. Februar 2008

Comments !

Hi everybody, just found out that there was a setting which made it impossible to post without a google account. Well I changed that and everybody should be able to comment now anonymousl.

Happy commenting and have a nice day =)

Samstag, 2. Februar 2008

a sheath !

Mostimportant thing if you want to wield a sword is that you have a Sheath, so guess what I did today ^^. Making this thing from carpet squares, it really was hard work to archieve a good look, but finally I am pleased.

Montag, 28. Januar 2008

The bow

Some time ago a working collegue of mine, made a bow in shool. Ever since this beautifully piece of work lay in box in his cellar catching dust. When I mentioned that I was working on a crossbow he asked me if 'd like to have it. I said I'd have a look and after seeing all the fancy profund work I gladly took it and wrapped the fibreglass bow in leather and voila. It's not authentic but it looks good and the best thing about it is that you can take the bow appart, this way it easy fits in any bag or rucksack when your traveling. ( Ever tried to explain at the airport check in, that you want that bow in handluggage ^^, trust me you don't want to ) ... so long

Sonntag, 27. Januar 2008

Belts !

Here is some old work of belts I made:

- a wide thick leather belt in brown / golden

a rough heavy duty war belt in silver / brown

a bras buckle for a very thin and long belt

and finally a sheath for a "Hammerkunst" throwing dagger fitting both of the thick belts

So much for now ^^

Samstag, 26. Januar 2008

Old brooch

We got ourselfs a new Digicam this weekend, so the whole blogging thing can start =>.
Second post is a brooch forged of brass I made some months ago. I did some decorational hammering on the needle, what i like most about this thing is it's color. Shiny warm gold tone.

Until next time !

Freitag, 25. Januar 2008


Whilst tillering my new springsteel bow for my crossbow the shaft fell down and 2 weeks of work cracked right away. The shaft was broken at the grip, repairing it seemed useless and now I think it will lay forever in the unfinished projects box -_-.

Meanwhile the search for a new digicam is still continuing ^^.

Sonntag, 20. Januar 2008

Es ist erschaffen !

Hier mein erster Eintrag und Vergangene Projekte: