Dienstag, 16. September 2008

Gnarled Walking stick

This time I needed a nice looking staff for an elderly looking character. So off to the woods and some minutes later a nice rod was found. I peeled off the bark with a knife and had a cool stick on the game.

Von RPGs

And since the character will be played again I decided to enhance the look of the staff. After peeling it fully I heated the wood with a torch burning only the topmost wood. This gave ma a nice dark look, a transparent paint came along with a brass protector for the bottom end.

And voila thats it, not realy hard to do but very fancy looking.

Brassbox for my Tarot Cards

Hi Everybody !

This time i made a box for the Labyrinth Tarot deck of Lois Ryo. The cards are just so well drawn that i thought i need some more neet than the small cardboard box in which they come.
It's made of Brass beechwood and leather.

So here you go =)