Samstag, 24. Januar 2009

Mittwoch, 7. Januar 2009

WIP: Crossbow

And last but not least the project which consumed most of my time and my nerves:

A double shot crossbow. Since I'm totaly into Post Apocalyptic stuff right now I decided to make my 3rd crossbow. My objectives where to make it:
  • right now !
  • working properly
  • useable for LARP (not more than 30 lbs draw weight)
  • able to shoot both shots at different times
It turned out to be a very problematic project but finally I got to work and right now I'm working on the finishing touches. Mostly the look since right now it's not post apocalyptic at all, we'll see if I'm able to improve the looks, at least it's done with a rather low standart of simply tools since I ain't got bigger ones in my flat.... until now ^^

So here you go:

more to come ...

a nice game called quatro

On the last game I played we had a very simply but yet interesting game: "Quatro" is it's name.
I first went to the mall since you should be able to buy this game in stores. But the fact that they had none to sell in 2 shops where I went on my day off made me mad. So I deciced to make one on my own since it's made from wood and is easy to build.

So I started out with the leather bag which is also the game board, it's got 16 fields which I showed by sewing white deco lines on the leather.

You've also got to make 16 stones where each of them has a certain attribute:

  • square / round: simply but a square and round wood from the store, make sure the round wood has a bigger diameter than the square otherwise they will look too small.
  • tall / small: simply cut off at different heights, make sure you get them uniform.
  • black / white: I burned the wood, which is easly done with a small torch .
  • with a cross on top / without a cross on top: simply grind in a croos on top, i did this after burning the dark stones so you have a better contrast on the cross and burnt the white ones on top. Finally after finishing the work on all stones, I painted them with a colorless finish.

You start out giving your opponent a stone which he has to set on one of the 16 fields on the board. After he has placed it it's his turn to give you a stone. Winner is whoever gets stones with 4 simmilar attributes in a row. On the Pic below this would be 4 black stones in a row.

All in all I spent about 6 Euros for everything instead of 28 from Amazon =) and have a nice looking portable version of it.

winter holidays are over and here comes the update !

Due my job it seemed that I wouldn't have too much spare time during christmas time. Yet still the project turned out to be finished early so I still had some time for crafting.

First thing I finished was a knife which I started a long time ago. Actually I shouldn't call it knife since it's not sharp and will never get sharp ^^. I used the wrong marerial and simply cut it from mild steel which does not give me the option to harden it. But anyway it's still a nice deco object and also can be thrown, due it's pointy tip. But for that i have to practice a bit.