Montag, 28. April 2008

Toooools !

Some weeks ago a friend of mine gave me some old tools he did no longer need. I derusted them sharpened some and made a leather bag so it can be carried around. I really was looking for such an oppertunity since old looking tools are hard to come around.

Studden Bracers

Working with leather and brass I made studdened Bracers. A bit quick and dirty work but in the end it looks somehow acceptable ...

Montag, 7. April 2008

Nasal for the Helmet

This is a helmet the young brother of my girlfriend made, I helped him finishing it with straps and made the nasal part in the front.


It's been a busy weekend and it was 23 o'clock when I finished these Tassets made of hardened leather. Hopefully they'll also protect me in the next fight ... we'll see ^^.

6 Inch Nails

Last week I was at friends smithworkshop and made my first metal crafts, nails ^^. It's a start ...


Hi everone, I haven't uploaded anything for quiet a while but here's something new:
The 14 year old brother of my girlfriend made a belt on a workshop and he still needed a buckle fot it so we decided to make it from scratch. One of my first metal crafts, not perfect but handmade ^^.