Sonntag, 4. Mai 2008

Belt pouch

Our groups Gnome has got a lot of tools already, but what he really needs is a homeworkers belt pouch to store all the nails and screws to construct his weird machines ^^. The onlyproblem with leather pouches is that small items tend to fall out, so I tried one with a solid wooden side and it worked. Even after heavy shaking no nail fell out.


Since a working colleague of mine wanted to play an archer, I realized that we only got one quiver but 3 archers in our group. So I looked up some quivers in the web and found some realy beautiful works at Having seen thus pretty things I made one of my own and I'm also quiet pleased.

The Chest

After searching for 2 hours in the hardware store to gather all the parts for the chest, I payed surprisingly much for this thing... 65 Euros after thinking about it i guess i could have bought 3 of them with an online order. But at least I made it ^^. You can also see on eof the many shields i did in last few days for our larp group.